What seemed like a pipe dream 9 months ago, is slowly becoming a reality. On Monday, Feb. 13th, BrewTube Comedy will release it’s first episode, filmed at Black Acre Brewing in Indianapolis.

At first, when I had the idea to do a web series that combined craft beer with stand-up comedy, I just wanted to do something cool, unique and fun. “Easy as pie!”, I thought to myself (My sub-conscious speaks to me in early 1900 idioms apparently). Little did I know the undertaking of putting together a project such as this would be. I’m just a stand-up comic and avid craft beer after all. I’d need to find a videographer, talk to brewers, book the shows, get out press releases, make sure the shows were well attended not to mention finance the whole thing. Sheesh!

But they say if you’re passionate about something, you’ll never work a day in your life. And listen gang. I’m passionate about good beer and good comedy. My little idea to combine the two has now blossomed into a full time passion. I’ve learned by talking to brewers and brew professionals over the last few months that this is a natural progression. Something starts small and then transforms into something big. Maybe an obsession for brewing leads to a full time brewing position. Maybe that off the wall recipe is really well received and gets national attention in a beer competition. That’s what breweries and comics have in common. Small world. Big ideas.

So now, we’ve filmed at Black Acre in Indianapolis and Against The Grain in Louisville. Our next show will be at Dancing Gnome in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Feb 18th and we are in talks to add several other breweries to the 2017 calendar year.

One of the goals of the show still remains to be something that is unique, fun to watch and informational. My hope is that you’ll watch and find a new comedian that you like and a new beer you want to try. BrewTube just aims to be a big ol’ fun and lighthearted party. Join us!

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